Hello & Welcome!

Hey! Like I said on the front page (btw- kudos to you for checking out this page!) I'm not going to bore you with some story about my amazingly cool and quirky family. 

I cuss- a lot
I like tattoos- I have several
I LOVE bourbon- I'm probably drinking it right now.
I'm pretty freaking salty- don't push me 
I'm worth more than I'm charging- I know that (see above). 
I'm licensed AND insured- that's boring I know but ask around most other photogs aren't.
I like to photograph stuff- Boudoir Photography and Wedding Photography are my main gig. I specialize in photography for women, so engagement sessions, couple’s sessions, family portraits and maternity all fall under that too. 

If you identify with any of this let's chat...or go out for drinks...or be friends...totally up to you.

PS: check out the weird pic of me trying to blend into the tree.