Hello & Welcome!

Specializing in women, boudoir, maternity, & motherhood portraits.

It all began with a tree.

Now...what does that mean. Well, we live in a family home, my husband John's grandparent's home, where his mom and aunt's grew up & his grandfather who passed before John was born was an incredibly talented amateur photographer. He loved taking pictures of his beautiful wife and daughters, many of which still hang in our home. In turn, my grandfather, my mother's father, flew photo reconnaissance during WWII & later on enjoyed taking pictures of nature, wild birds being his favorite subject. So to say photography runs in the family is putting it lightly.

Here are a few things you should know:

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY & have a soft spot for boudoir. It where I feel most in my element by making you feel in YOUR element. There's nothng better than the connection build between a photographer and the beautiful woman she's taking pictures of in her undies. Wait..that's you in your undies...not me. Unless you ask me just right ..HA!

I'm married to an awesome man who also happens to be a farmer! At last count we surpassed 17 years. 

I'm the mom of a very special, truly original 9 year old boy that rocks my world every single day.

I love to cook for others. I like seeing other people enjoy something that I created, however...I CANNOT bake. It involves following a recipe which I consider just aguideline...so that doesnt usually work out too well for me.

My first attempt at photography was when I was 6. My grandfather handed me his minolta and asked me to take a picture of him, my grandma, and my brother...the result...a perfect shot of their feet! But it didn't matter; he loved it and encouraged me from there - I was hooked.

I like to be casual, fun, and creative. I like to impart that in my sessions. When you are comfortable, I am comfortable and the pictures show it.Giving you a relaxed yet fun and memborable experience is my goal. I want you friends and family to see your photographs and say, "Wow! You look amazing!"

Now that we know each other better...contact me with any ideas you have for a shoot...chances are I'll do it. After all, what's the worst that can happen? We end up with a great shot of our toes?