need to know

What do I bring? What should I wear?


For the most part, think about the environment where your session will be held. Coordinate- DON'T match!! Sorry I don't do matching white t's and khakis on the beach. If that's what you're going for I will gladly try to help you find a photographer that may or may not have gone out of business in the late 90's.

For maternity, motherhood and some styled sessions I actually have beautiful flowy gowns and skirts for you to borrow- just ask!

I don't do props. I mean if you REALLY want to include, I'm not evil. But props tend to date photos and I want you to love these forevah!!!!

Where will my session take place?

The Magnolia House Studio is a rustic secluded photography studio. It is comfortably and tastefully decorated. It’s great for a sweet cake smash, a new mommy and me, maternity or boudoir session.


If you choose your session may also be held outdoors (weather permitting) at one of our exclusive locations. I have access to a wildflower pasture from mid-late summer and a cotton field mid-late fall. There are numerous parks and beachy areas for you to choose from as well.

What if I want to have my session somewhere that charges an entrance fee?

That’s cool! There are a few amazing locations like the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Back Bay Wildlife Refuge that charge entrance fees. If I don’t already hold a permit to photograph there and the location requires an entrance fee above $5.00 you are responsible for paying our way in. These places also require advance plan ahead when you can!

Will you retouch my images?

Yes, sorta….retouching is included in every session. I use Photoshop and Lightroom programs to make corrections for lighting and colors. I will also remove minor imperfections like acne, if you request. However, I don’t use photoshop to change your photo. In other words I don’t overly edit the photos. You won’t find the “flavor of the month look” or Instagram looking filters that seem to be popular right now on the photos you receive from me. I will take my time enhancing each photo I choose to deliver. The end result will be a timeless look.

Do I get to see or receive every image you capture?

Hell to the no! And you don’t want to either so don’t ask. No really. The reason you are paying me is for my expertise. So, trust me when I say you don’t need to see all of the images. I carefully take the time to go through each image and only select the most flattering images from our time together. If I missed focus, you blink or sneeze, maybe you have a derp face…whatever…I‘m going to just go ahead and get rid of those.

In addition I am a professional. I photograph your session in what is called a RAW format- unless you have professional image editing software- which I assume you don’t because you wouldn’t need to hire me if you did- you won’t be able to open the there

How many images will I receive in my gallery?

I have no better way to say this other than- I don’t know. Can you guarantee that your guests are going to have dance party USA at your reception? That your 3 year old isn’t going to be having a “I ain’t havin’ it day”? Or that the stars will line up and every single thing will go perfectly? Me neither. For sessions I try to deliver at least 30 images. For weddings 50+ an hour. This is a LOW number and it’s mostly to cover my ass because I know damn well I’m going to overshoot and under promise.

Do you offer discounts?

For weddings I do! Don’t forget to ask about special discounts and payment plans!

How long before I see my images?

Look – I am just as excited as you are, believe it or not. But what I do takes time. So here is a very loose guideline: Depending on the type of session/event I try to give you a “sneak” within 72 hours. Regular sessions are usually delivered within 10-15 business days. Wedding clients usually receive their galleries within 90 days of their event.

If products are ordered they generally arrive within 7-14 business days of proof approval. Some products and gifts are handcrafted and can take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive.

You’re so awesome! How do I book with you?

Simply contact me HERE and I will go over the options for your session or event. Once we decide which one is best for you I will gather a little more info and send you over a contract and invoice. To secure your session/event date the contract must be signed and a deposit of 40% is due with the balance due 7 days before your session. Weddings require a balance paid in full within 30 days of the event date. Honestly and truly pay as you go and as you can. I’ll send you reminders along the way.