Spring Senior Portrait Session

Spring Senior Portrait Sessions

Spring Senior Portrait Sessions People sometimes ask me about my favorite part of sessions. Of course number one is getting to meet and spend time with new people. I love that so many of my clients become real life friends. I also really enjoy getting to be in charge of my creativity and create lasting memories for clients. But my favorite part…well that’s when I go to fix a fly -away hair on a client and swallow a bug. Yep that happened and I am still trying to cough that thing up! Gotta love Spring!

In the end I had a lovely evening with two new friends. Mama scheduled this Spring Senior Portrait Session months ago when it was still cold and dreary out. But Mother Nature came through for us! The Cherry Blossoms and Peach Trees are in bloom and the wheat is coming up so green and soft. The air is warmer in the evenings and the sun is setting later too. It was totally worth taking a bug to the back of the throat.

Y’all know I love love love Terrace Farms– as you can see it’s the perfect spot for Senior Portraits. As always Makeup by Vega did a beautiful job. Contact me HERE to schedule your session. Lavender and Clary Sage Sessions (June/July) and Sunflower Sessions (June-October) are now booking and WILL sellout!

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